Our Character Development Program is for grades K-5, middle, and high school students, exposing them to positive influences and environments.

The program consists of the Six Pillars of Character (Grades K-5) - Trustworthiness (tell the truth, keep your promises, and do the right thing); Respect (treat others the way you want others to treat you); Responsibility (make good choices, do what is right, and be accountable for your behavior); Fairness (play by the rules, be opened minded, and treat people right); Caring (be kind, helpful, and giving and value the feelings of others; and Citizenship (work to make your school and community a better place to live).

The 10 Core Virtues of Character (Middle and High School Students) include the Six Pillars of Character listed above 4 other virtues - Honesty (being upright in principles and actions; Integrity (moral or ethical strength; quality of being honest);Courage (to feel the fear and still be able to face danger, pain, or trouble); and Diligence (earnest and persistent application to an undertaking).

We emphasize the following Principles of Character: