Have you ever passed by loose coins that were caked in sand on the ground?  Perhaps many others must have passed by those same coins.  Some may have walked by without noticing them, while others may have seen the coins, but did not think it worth the effort to pick them up and clean then off.

Just as those coins, the reality is that most of society walks by our high-risk youth without noticing them.  Others pass by them and do not think that this segment of society is worth the time to pick up and clean off.

This concept is the ministry that Mentoring & Motivating Youth of America, Inc. (MMYA) provides.  We look past the dirt of our high-risk youth's circumstances and offer them guidance, support, and assistance.

Our Mission is to form a continuous relationship between Corporate America, our community, and the estimated 1.2 million U.S. students who will fail to graduate from high school with their peers (most of which are high-risk youth of minority groups).
We do one-to-one mentoring at the youth's place of residence; formulating a relationship with the youth and their families is an intricate part of our planning process.  We also mentor with the youth at their schools; working with their guidance counselors and teachers in obtaining behavior and academic reports, aids us in strengthening them in their areas of weakness. 

The youth are also involved in various summer program activities through several community venues where they get exposure, fun, and learn.  Offering guidance, support, and assistance, we provide them with hope through caring relationships and developmental opportunities for the whole person (spiritual, mental, physical, and social) whereas they can prepare themselves for the future and become successful contributing members of society.  These youth will: