The Personal Profile Instrument is a dynamic way for youth to learn to understand themselves better, get along better with friends, and to recognize and develop their strengths.  It is based on the very successful and widely used personal and professional development instrument, DiSC Classic with the DiSC Dimensions of Behavior.  DiSC Classic has helped over 40 million people better understand themselves and others and to become more successful in whatever they do.

This profile instrument was created from DiSC Classic and field-tested with close to 1000 youth around the United States and Canada.  It shows extremely high validity and reliability and, therefore, meets rigorous statistical quality standards.  This means one can use it confidently in working with young people.

It will help young people better understand why they think and act as they do.  It will also increase their self-esteem and show them how to use their strengths more effectively.

In addition, it will help young people better understand others and why they get along with some people and feel uncomfortable with others.  Rather than deepening separations among young people, it will help youth build bridges of mutual understanding and respect.